Fall Workshop

2016 MRPA Fall Workshop
Friday, October 21, 2016
Brewer Auditorium
318 Wilson Street Brewer, Maine


Hollywood Casino Hotel Reservations:
1-877-7771 (ID Code: MRPA16)
by 9/28 for $99 rate (1 king or 2 queen)
free onsite parking


Workshop Fee w/ Lunch (MRPA Member): $40
Workshop Fee w/ Lunch (Non-MRPA Member): $50
Student Fee w/ Lunch (Student): $20
Check & Credit Cards Only—no PO’s
Registration by 10/14/16

Join us for THURSDAY GOLF at the Bangor Municipal golf Course (9 holes)
1:00 pm tee time -FMI contact:  Debbie Gendreau at  debbie.gendreau@bangormaine.gov

8:00 am - 8:45 am Check In/Networking/Refreshments Served

9:00 am - 10:15 am Parks, Administrator & Programmer Sessions CEUs = .1 (choose a session)

SPRUCING UP PARKS & TRAILS: The Economic and Efficient Way with Limited Resources
This session will help participants with limited resources to find an economic and efficient way to spruce up outdoor spaces in our communities. From choosing the right space, to deciding
what user groups will benefit most and also planning for future growth, this session will help you to seek out resources and connect the dots from start to finish. Discussion will focus on grant opportunities while tapping into free labor sources and leaning on support from local civic and volunteer organizations.
Presenters: Marcel Blouin, Sanford Parks & Recreation, Behn Brooks, Gorham Parks & Recreation
Presentation available below

s active, hands-on session will be divided into two presentations.
1) Learn how to reposition your youth tennis programs to attract and retain more participants by utilizing smaller courts and combining fun team-based matches and skill development. Additionally, learn the importance of engaging parents as volunteers for your new tennis program model as well as the training for parents and staff that is provided by USTA.
2) The mission of the M
RPA Track and Field Program is to provide a quality recreation program where children have fun and are introduced to physical fitness through basic track and field events such as running, jumping and throwing. Learn how easy it can be to start your own program and receive the template for organizing your own local track meet (even if you don’t have a track!). Presenters: Eric Driscoll, USTA / Tim Baude, Bangor Parks & Recreation, and Matt Bouchard, Caribou Parks & Recreation

AMERICAN’S WITH DISABILITIES ACT— Implementing Standards in Today’s Recreation Programs
In today’s parks and recreation world, inclusion and accessibility in your departments programming is a must. Join us for a historical perspective on the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), and also learn about what reasonable accommodations you should be providing. This session will help to identify your barriers to inclusion, as well as identify training components for recreation staff in accommodating people with disabilities for program access.


Presenter: Karen B. McPhee, PhD, CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation Manager, City of Portland

10:30 am—11:45 am Parks, Administrator & Programmer Sessions CEUs = .1 each (choose one)

CONTRACTING SERVICES: When to and how to manage independent contractors.
Participants in this session will learn tips
to help assess staff capabilities, time management of a project, develop bid specifications, and to help figure out when and how to bid out various projects. Come learn the nuts and bolts of managing independent contractors from bid procedures to job inspections and project evaluation.  Presenter: David J. Pinsonneault, CSFM, CPRP, DPW Director, Lexington DPW

We all have our briefcase of successful programs, and here is your chance to share your brilliant ideas! Session participants will have 20 minutes to walk around the room, writing their favorite entertainers, youth and senior enrichment programs, family trips, and more, on post its, and stick them into their categories. We will then re-group and hear from our colleagues about their successes! Find out what other communities are offering, and bring some
new ideas back to your department! Presenter: Nicole W elch, Buxton Recreation
We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but how do we make the most of the time we have in the hectic, busy environments most of us operate in from day to day? In our session, you will learn creative ways to effectively manage your day, take care of those time consuming and less desirable tasks first, and feel good about your ‘plan’ for the next day so you can enjoy life outside of your responsibilities. Presenter: Jessica Manzo, KMA Human Resources Consulting
11:45 am—12:30 pm: Lunch 12:30 pm—1:15 pm: MRPA Business Meeting
1:30 pm—2:45 pm Parks, Administrator & Programmer Session CEUs = .1 each


How Understanding Personality Styles Can Strengthen Relationships and Increase Team Effectiveness
Do you ever wonder why it’s so easy to get along with some people and so hard to get along with others? Or maybe you sometimes try everything you know to express yourself clearly, and still find you’re not getting your points across effectively. In this endnote, presenters will teach you to recognize four behavioral and communication styles, and learn how to present yourself that will most likely get the results you want through your interactions with others. Come learn the skills necessary to help you influence others on decisions that are important to you and your department. You will leave this session ready to lead your department forward, and make your work environment a better place to be!
Presenters: David Green and Ginger Ward-Green, Ward-Green Group

2:45 pm Grand Prize Drawing: Free registration to the 2017 MRPA Annual Conference & Tradeshow!  All attendees will be entered into the drawing. Must be present to win!

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