MRPA Track and Field


“The mission of the MRPA Track and Field program is to provide a quality recreation program where children have fun and are introduced to physical fitness through basic track and field events such as running, jumping and throwing.”




 2016 Track & Field Championship Photo Album


2018  Northern Maine Regional Meet


Location: Caribou High School

Registration begins at 9:00 am/Meet starts at 10:00 am

Contact: Matt Bouchard at 493-4224 or

2018 Central Maine Regional Meet


Location:  Cameron Stadium - Bangor

Meet begins at 1:00 pm

Contact:  Tim Baude at


2018 Southern Maine Regional Meet



Location:  South Portland High School

Registration begins at 9:00 am/ Meet starts at 10:00 am

Contact:  Matt Green @


2018  MRPA State Track & Field Meet


Location:  Cameron Stadium, Bangor, Maine



The State Meet will begin with a parade of athletes at 10:30 am.  The throwing events will begin at 11:00 am followed by the running events.

REGIONAL & STATE MEETS:  Children may participate in(1) field event and two (2) running events and the relay OR two (2) field events and one(1) running event and the relay.  The top four finishers in each event and each age group and gender at the regionals will qualify for the State meet.

If you are a coach and have an athlete place in the top four at the regional meet, that individual will automatically earn a slot at the state final.  If for any reason that athlete cannot make it, it is your responsibility to let the meet director know.

All regional meet results will be merged and all slots will be filled and coaches will be contacted by email.  Coaches should verify that their top four finishers will be participating in the state meet. If finishers #1-4 aren’t available, please contact your #5 finisher.  We would like the maximum number of athletes to participate in the state finals.

Birth Certificates

We will not be collecting copies of birth certificates at any level.  Coaches need to check birthdates at the local level to make sure athletes are participating in the right age group.


We will give ribbons for 1-4th place at the regional and state meets.  Local organizers may/may not give ribbons.  None will be provided by MRPA Track and Field for local meets.


Athletes will receive State Finalist shirts at the state meet.  Coaches need to make sure athletes who qualify for the state meet receive a shirt at the state meet. 

MRPA Co-Coordinators for 2018

Tim Baude, Bangor P & R  207-992-4490

Matt Bouchard, Caribou P & R 207-493-4224